Festival info

From October 10 to October 21 you can see the most beautiful circus performances. Can't wait? We already answer all your questions!

Practical Information

Festival Circolo takes place during the autumn holiday in the South of the Netherlands; from 12 to 21 October 2018. The festival site is in Tilburg’s Leijpark (see also “getting here”). All the tents are heated. The capacity of the circus tents varies between 800 and 6 seats. The festival site has a brasserie, a restaurant, an outdoor bar, various food trucks, a play ring for children, campfires and special attractions. The festival site is open to the public. You have to buy a ticket for the shows. The ticket price varies from € 1 to € 25. Tickets can be bought online via the Circolo website. There’s a box office at the festival; open from 12.30 pm until one hour after the last show).
You can pay at Circolo with bankcard and cash. Festival Circolo does not work with vouchers or voucher coins. There is no ATM on the festival site.
If the webshop is not completely clear and you need help, then send an email to kassa@festivalcircolo.nl.
It’s possible to pay with cash or bank card at all locations, except at the foodtrucks. There are ATM machines at the box office, in the restaurant and at the car park. There are no cash dispensers on the site, so you can’t take out cash.
From about fifteen minutes before the start of the show, there will be staff to scan tickets and open the tent. Note: from the car park it’s a short but pleasant walk of about ten minutes to the festival site. So make sure you park well in advance and are present on site so you won’t miss the show.

How to get there

It takes 10 minutes to cycle from Tilburg CS to the entrance of our festival site. Close to the entrance is a bike park (follow the signs).
If you come by car, you can leave it at the special Circolo car park beside Leyhoeve (Dokter Bloemenlaan, 5022 KX Tilburg) close to the exit from the A58. Parking costs €3.50 a dag. A festival ticket costs €12.50. From Breda (A58): 1. Take exit 11 towards Goirle/Tilburg/Turnhout. 2. Follow the signs to the Circolo car park From Den Bosch (N65): 1. Follow the signs for Hilvarenbeek/Tilburg/ N269 and join the A58. 2. Take exit 10 towards Hilvarenbeek/Tilburg and go straight on at the bottom of the ramp. 3. Follow the signs to the Circolo car park From Eindhoven (A58): 1. Take exit 10 towards Hilvarenbeek/Tilburg and go straight on at the bottom of the ramp. 2. Follow the signs to the Circolo car park
From Tilburg CS, the following buses leave: Bus 142 (towards Best, via Hilvarenbeek) Bus 143 (towards Reusel, via Hilvarenbeek) Get out at the Wethouder Baggermanlaan stop

Food & Drinks

Basically, the kitchen of a good restaurant is just like a circus ring. Trucks, stunning feats and poetry are juxtaposed on the round plates. They are put together thanks to cooperation, excellent skills and mutual trust. The kitchen ring at Festival Circolo is populated by Cookaholics. World famous in Tilburg and surroundings. They repeatedly amaze their clients with creative culinary surprises. In mid-September, the menu for Bistro Foodjugglers by Cookaholics will be online. Bistro Foodjugglers is located in a transparent tent to make sure you can stay in the circus atmosphere outside on the site while you eat. Enjoy honest and delicious meals. The menu is made up of tasty dishes for a reasonable price. Alongside the fixed menu there are also daily specials.
You can book for the bistro up till one day before your festival visit (until 11 pm) via info@cookaholics.nl or call 013 543 2616. Already booked up or you want to book too late? Walking on the day and ask about last-minute possibilities or enjoy a snack from one of the food trucks on the site.
With a beautiful view of the cosily illuminated circus tents, in Brasserie Velder you can enjoy the tastiest beer, best wine or other liquid refreshments. The brasserie even has a separate special beer bar. Of course it also serves small snacks. Brasserie Velder is named after the beautiful Velder Estate in Liempde Where the first six editions of Festival Circolo were held. That estate still has a special place in our Circolo heart.
Would you rather put together your own meal or don’t feel like a whole meal? You can wander around the food trucks that are between the circus tents. Sit down by the campfire to have a tasty yet healthy snack and enjoy autumn in the park.
Sashimi, but then just a little different, a healthy sandwich, a steak swimming in delicious sauce, steaming bowl of soup, pancakes, beautifully grilled hamburgers, a surprising filled quail, ordinary ale and special beers, marshmallows to roast over the campfire and of course golden fries. There’s plenty to eat and drink at Festival Circolo.


Circus is very visual, but we are eager to make it accessible for the blind and partially sighted. The show Tipping Point by Ockham’s Razor on Thursday 18 October at 8 pm has audio description. Interpreters describe on your headphones everything that happens on this stage and the visually challenged guests can experience the set and feel the costumes of the performers. Festival visitors with visual limitations can report via welkom@festivalcircolo.nl. Then special places and the headphones will be booked. The guests will be welcomed at 7 pm on the festival site for an introduction to the show, to get to know the performers and experience and feel the set and circus materials. For this special program, you pay the normal entry price (adults: € 25,- / children € 20). This special show came about in cooperation with the Komt het zienFoundation. In 2016, the audio description evoked the following response from one of our blind visitors: “We used to go to the circus with the whole family, but now I can ‘see’ the circus for the first time.”
Did you know that all shows during Festival Circolo bear the hallmark “language no problem”? Circus theatre knows no cultural or language barriers; Festival Circolo is for everyone. In order to realise this promise, we are eager to remove all other conceivable barriers. So people with a limitation can also enjoy a whole day out with no cares. All the shows are accessible with a wheelchair or guide dog. Please let us know in advance you’re coming by sending an email to welkom@festivalcircolo.nl. Then we’ll reserve a nice spot for you in the tent.
Do you have questions after reading this page? Please let us help. Contact us by sending an email to welkom@festivalcircolo.nl.
The Festival Site, the Toilets Are Adjacent to the Festival brasserie which can be accessed via a shallow ramp. On the same level, you’ll find a spacious invalid toilet, accessible without any barriers.