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The full-on Circolo experience in two different packages. A fully catered festival experience incl. performances, evening meals, in-depth program and means of transportation.

  • Meet other professionals
  • Fully provided program
  • Including dinner


Visit an infinite number of performances with the Festival Circolo passe-partout. Lots of performances with lots of discounts.

  • Ten days of Festival Circolo for €140
  • Create your own program: select and order
  • Please note! After purchasing your passe partout, you still need to order your tickets separately.

Single tickets

Want to see the latest performance by your favorite creator? Are you curious about that one performance at the Kempertoren? Buy individual tickets and put together your own program.

  • Tickets starting at €10
  • As professional 25% discount on all tickets
  • Performances often play on multiple days and times

If you have questions or would like to join the crew for dinner, please email tickets@festivalcircolo.nl

More activities for professionals


On Friday, Oct. 13, we will organize an interesting seminar on “The art of consent.” Want to know more? Click here.


This year, Festival Circolo is organizing a couple of workshops/labs. It is intended for students and they are taught by artists from the main program. Here are the different workshops this edition:

Saturday morning 14 and 15 october by different artists from Collectif d’Equilibristes. Abouy creativity and making around acro-dance, handstands, contortion and partner acrobatics.

Tuesday morning 17 october by Amanda Homa from Diagonale du Vide. Creativity and making around rope and tissue.

Thursdaymorning 19 october by Carola Aramburu from Cirque Pardi! About creativity and making around trapeze fixe and aerial hoop.

The labs/workshops are not so much about learning a new trick, it is more centered on making, sharing and exchanging on the artist’s professional practice and artistic universe. If you want more information, send an email to lucho@festivalcircolo.nl