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Daan Mathot

Feast your eyes on the real-life optical illusion DIEP.

22 to 30 October

Open from 2 PM to 9 PM, see chalkboard by the tent.

Location: Spoorpark Diep

Kind € 2,50 | Regulier € 5,00

Age: 6+

A man with writer’s block. He struggles with his environment. Then, he suspects something…
Overwhelmed, he notices that his truth jokes, ticks, itches, leaks. How to escape? He struggles and comes out on top.
Immerse yourself in the world of DIEP and discover a reality that makes no sense whatsoever… Or does it…?

The 10-minute show DIEP is an imaginative visual theatre performance that surprises all ages. DIEP is a funny, alienating “brain teaser” that literally turns your world upside down. Mindfuck meets theater. DIEP, an optical illusion you would love to lose yourself in.


The show plays about 10 times each day between 2 PM and 9 PM and lasts 10 minutes. Check the chalkboard by the tent for current playing times.
Tickets can be bought at Diep’s tent and are therefore not available online.



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Daan Mathot

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