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Team Circolo

Marc Eysink Smeets – director/administrator
Wendy Moonen – artistic direction/programming
Stephan Grilis – production management
Niki van Rooij – head of marketing
Bas Nellen – online marketeer
Lea Willems – contentmanager
Marijn van de Veer – ticketing
Brigitte – ticketing
Stephan Bikker – programme production
Lysanne van Esch – programme production
Sandra Smits – business market
Merel Meulmeester – volunteers coordination
Pepijn Muller – catering coordination
Lilian van Gool/Force Finance – financial administration
Soesja Pijlman – Circolo Deepening
Cato van Breugel – Circolo Education

Board and Supervisory Board

Festival Circolo is organised by the Festival Circolo Foundation; founded in 2005 by initiator Wim Claessen. This foundation has a Supervisory Board and a (freelance) director/administrator. The organisation follows the Cultural Governance Code, Fair Practice Code and the Diversity and Inclusion Code.

The director works together with a staff of three qualified, professional freelancers on the main lines of the festival. The staff members are supported by teams of (executive) employees, interns and volunteers. As far as possible, freelancers from the region are used, who also work for other cultural events. In this way, use can be made of each other’s knowledge and experience.

Executive Board and Management

Marc Eysink Smeets – Director & Managing Director


Stephan Grilis – Head of Production
Wendy Moonen – Artistic Direction
Niki van Rooij – Head of Marketing

Supervisory Board

Jolanda Spoel – Rotterdam
Joep Coolen – Tilburg
Nathalie Nijs – Alphen, Noord-Brabant
Rien van der Vleuten – Best
Maaike van Santvoort– Tilburg
Sjaak Beirnaert – Tilburg