Les Choses de Rien

Thrilling circus spectacle in a towering silo.

The absolute must-see at Festival Circolo is a stunning solo performance in a specially developed thirteen-metre high silo. A mind-blowing experience in which the boundaries between stage, hall, artist and audience disappear. Against the walls of the silo, 100 seats are arranged in spiral form. Inside the shaft, creative mastermind and acrobat Boris Gibé takes the audience on a journey into man's deepest desires and the contradictions of life. With aerial work, contortion and illusion, Gibé creates the absolute circus sensation of the moment! Please note: the number of seats is limited so order your tickets on time.


Please note! This performance is not at the festival site in the Leijpark but at one of our satellite locations. Namely Theaters Tilburg, Louis Bouwmeesterplein 1. This is a 10 minute bike ride or 30 minute walk from the Leijpark.


Duration: minutes
Age: From 12 years
Tent: Silo: voorplein Theaters Tilburg
NOT wheelchair accessible
language no problem
suitable for hearing impaired


normal: € 30,00

Stay informed!

* mandatory